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iSky Research is the leading provider of fact-based research for digital services industries globally, incorporating a team of analysts, data scientists, digital practitioners and UX experts.

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We supply a wholly unique window into the ever-changing digital customer experience, seen in the world’s telecommunications, insurance, ecommerce, entertainment, financial and digital services providers.

At the core of iSky Research is the access we have to thousands of digital channels, and tens-of-thousands of customer opinions, observations and perspectives.

Benchmarking brands from
around the world

Since 2015 we have been supporting some of the world’s most recognisable brands and leading digital services providers, bringing global awareness to each and every client engagement. Below are just some of the providers we benchmark.

Methodical, objective facts you can rely on.

Radar is our self-service portal incorporating digital benchmarking across hundreds of purpose designed UX metrics, with actionable intelligence on a range of industries, segments and products from around the globe.

Comparative Scoring

Channel scoring

Radar incorporates two channel focused scoring systems, the Utility Score and the VoC Score™, giving you a unique understanding of the digital UX providers offer and how that contrasts with what customers want.

Methodical insights

Underpinning the science of our methods are the patents we have filed in multiple jurisdictions around the globe, generating ‘easy to understand’ intelligence via a range of charts and graphs that can be readily shared across your business.

Journey scoring

Discussions on ‘best-in-class’ are often undone by varying opinions and questionable heuristics; our Friction Score™ methodology removes doubt by objectively measuring sources of friction within any singular digital journey.

Download full videos & screenshots

With full download privileges for each and every Radar user, high-resolution videos and screenshots are always available to inform your internal discussions, presentations and brain-storming sessions.

Historical scoring

We update every benchmark, for every provider and digital channel, every four-months to ensure we identify the latest changes, innovations and UX practices, simultaneously storing historical data that empowers you to track competitor changes over time.

Enterprise-wide licensing

We unlock the full power and portability of Radar across your business by giving all employees their own user account and unique user experience, coupled with a sign-up process that ensures new-user access any time of day, and day of the year.

Insight Sessions.
Illuminating trends to inspire innovation.

Insight sessions ensure your team is across all of the latest trends and innovations, whether from peers in market or around the world. Every insight session incorporates an average of over 100 new UX journeys, and breaks down the provider updates with screenshots, videos and narration to differentiate the ‘best’ from the rest.

Swift Assist.
Whatever you need to get the job done, quickly.

Whether it is generating additional slides, Q&A sessions, quick updates on competitor activity, additional videos or screenshots of UX, or a discussion to bounce ideas and ‘pick brains’, Swift Assist is there to help. With Swift Assist we can generate new content, or leverage what is already available to ensure we maximise the return on each hour.

Any questions?
We’re happy to help.

We know the value of good experience, and we make it our business to ensure you and your team get it, always.

So whether you are a product owner, a UX guru, digital strategist, architect, team leader or senior manager – from simple questions to complex queries, we’re happy to chat about a partnership tailored specifically to your needs.