15th Sep, 2016

Westpac (NZ) Gets Moven with CashNav

Following in the successful footsteps of TD Bank (Canada), Westpac New Zealand has today notified customers of the launch of its new CashNav app - modelled on the offering from digital only provider Moven (US).CN-Homepage-Tile-Desktop

The app serves as a personal financial management tool, that is focused on encouraging and enabling customers to spend within their own designated budgets and historical limits.

Westpac had previously sought to embed this functionality in its Westpac One mobile banking app, however with CashNav the functionality has moved into an entirely seperate app - mimicking the offering of TD Bank.

However, where TD Bank launched TD MySpend only for Android users, Westpac has made its app immediately available to both Android and iOS users. Furthermore, Westpac has launched with the latest Moven UI, whilst TD continues to rely on an earlier version of Moven's much heralded interface.

The screenshots below demonstrate some of the functionality of the new app, as well as the correspondence customers received to notify them of the app's launch.

Contact us today if you'd like to see more.

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