7th Apr, 2016

ME Bank (AU) To Launch 'Fresh New Internet Banking' says eStatement Alert

ME Bank, an Australian based digital only bank today sent us an email advising that our latest eStatement was available. A copy of the email is listed below.

However, what we found more interesting among the content of the email was the notice that ME Bank had 'new-look internet banking - coming soon".Depositphotos_56018489_s

As a digital only bank, ME Bank has - by comparison to other Australian based digital banking channels - not offered their customers a UI/UX experience that, arguably, could be categorised as market leading in any particular feature or function category. For this reason we are very excited to see what the bank will be offering.

Embedded in the email is a link to a promotion, or information page for the upcoming launch of their new channel(s). The page focuses on promoting the desktop web channel, with screenshots suggesting the bank has taken a 'tiled' approach to its new UI, similar to what is offered by Westpac Australia in its desktop web channel.

There is no confirmed launch date, with the bank noting that the change is "on its way it should be here in the next few months". Nor is it clear whether or not the roll out will include the bank's other digital channels. We did however notice that the date of the information page screenshot was 11 September 2015, so can only assume that the bank is taking its time to ensure a smooth, disruption free launch.

iSky Research will be auditing the features and functions of the bank's new digital channel(s) when they launch, and if you'd like to see more contact us today to discuss how you can access Cumulus - and stay on top of the global digital banking marketplace.

In the meantime, scroll down to see the email and information page screenshots - or click here to follow the link embedded in the email.

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