9th Apr, 2017

Managing Mobile Payment Best Practice

iSky Research has today looked at a mix of eleven different apps from the US, UK and Australia in order to document, share and ultimately better understand which payment processes make for a more positive customer experience.

We undertook this customer experience audit using an iPhone 7 plus, operating on iOS 10.3, and in all instances using the most up-to-date version of the bank apps as of today's date.

The banks we looked at ranged from large multinationals, to smaller or second tier domestic operators, and in this way we are able to see a variety of different functionality from across the banking spectrum. Our experiences demonstrate and indicate that bank size, location or app size are not inherent indicators of whether a customer can expect a positive payment journey and the results we found were a very diverse mix.

The banks we have focused on are listed below in alphabetical order:

  • Bendigo Bank (AU)
  • Capital One 360 (US)
  • Citibank (US)
  • Commonwealth Bank (AU)
  • ING Direct (AU)
  • Lloyds (UK)
  • Monzo (UK)
  • National Australia Bank (AU)
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (UK)
  • USAA (US)
  • Westpac (AU)

Videos of each journey can be found below, including commentary, and each ranging between 90 seconds and four minutes in length.

Assessing the ease of use, prioritisation of functionality and overall customer experience is - in the absence of clearly defined customer profiles and data - a further challenge in of itself. So, to that end we have left the comments section open below and would welcome your assessment of which bank is offering its customers the 'best' payment journeys.

We hope you enjoy this customer experience walk through, and if you would like to see even more customer journeys and insights contact us today to find out how you can access our Cumulus online intelligence portal, and open a window to even more digital banking CX intelligence.

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