24th Nov, 2016

Getting Cardless with Aussie Cash [VIDEO]

Three years ago the Commonwealth Bank launched what has since remained a uniquely Australian banking offering, namely, Cardless Cash.CBA-Teller

What is Cardless Cash you might ask? Well simply put it is the ability for a customer to access their cash (or allow another recipient to access their cash) at an ATM, without the need for or use of a bank card.

Shortly after the Commonwealth Bank's launch, Westpac Australia followed suit. In fact it was only a matter of months later.

More recently, Westpac subsidiary bank, Bank of Melbourne has also launched the functionality for its customers.

The Westpac and Bank of Melbourne experiences are similar, though it is notable that Westpac customers can only access the function via a link that is present in front of the password. If the customer has logged into the main banking app they must first logout, and login again specifically to access the Cardless Cash function (known as Get Cash in the Westpac app).

Commonwealth Bank customers (and Bank of Melbourne customers) are able to access the functionality in the main body of the app, only having to login once. The Commonwealth Bank experience is also unique, wherein it requires the customer to decide at the start of the process whether they wish to access the cashless withdrawal themselves or send the necessary information to another person in order to enable that person to access the funds.

Both Westpac and Bank of Melbourne allows customers to make this decision in the final stages of the use of the function, and rely on the phone's SMS service in order to send the relevant information to a third party recipient.

Readers will find three videos below that demonstrate the functionality of each bank's Cardless Cash functionality via its iOS mobile app. Screenshots of the ATM process will be appearing in a blog in early 2017, so make sure you visit us again then if you'd like to see more.

The Commonwealth Bank (No Audio)

Bank of Melbourne (No Audio)

Westpac (No Audio)