12th Feb, 2016

First Login with Northwest Bank (US), a Fiserv Service Provider

iSky Researchers recently acquired access to a checking account with Northwest Bank, thanks to the help of one of our US based team.

Northwest Bank is a smaller regional US bank, with its headquarters in Oregon, and operations in Idaho and Washington state.

Like many regional banks it has opted to use the digital banking services of a third party provider, in this case Fiserv, in order to service its customers digital banking needs.

iSky Research were able to use our newly acquired access to login to the bank's desktop web digital banking channel for the first time, and below you will find screenshots of what we encountered.

The service might be described as 'lite', both in terms of features and design, but is simple enough to follow and delivers the basic necessities of digital banking with a minimum of fuss.

The first login required us to have our customer's social security number to hand, and like many other banks, setup security questions during the process.

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