18th Feb, 2016

Digital Banking Registration with HSBC (US)

iSky Researchers now hold over half-a-dozen HSBC bank accounts in different countries around the world, and as the bank we engage with more than almost any other we are always intrigued by the differences between the bank's offerings in different regions and different countries.

Recently we were able to add a US based HSBC account to our list, and there was one distinctly different step in our first login that was certainly a sight for these sore eyes.

Those who bank with HSBC will most likely be familiar with the small keypad security device they more often than not require their customers to use when access digital banking - or at least to access the full range of digital banking features in any given channel.

During the HSBC US first login however we were pleasantly surprised by the presence of a step that enabled us to setup our HSBC mobile app as a 'digital security device', removing the need for another keypad device.

Overall the first login and digital bank registration process was a smooth one with HSBC US, although a little slower than other banks - as it relies on the customer first receiving an initial password via the post to compliment the first login user identification number they have received via email.

Throughout the registration process the customer also receives email notifications as they complete various steps and these notifications which, along with screenshots of each step of the registration process, can be found below - commencing with the temporary user identification number received via email.

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