8th Apr, 2016

DBS (HK) 'Strive' For Faster Mobile Bill Payments

DBS Hong Kong offers arguably one of the best array of digital banking services in the region, across its web and app based channels.00221910dbbd149f259251

However, as the bank points out in its latest customer email promotion (a copy of which is listed below), it continues to 'strive to get things done faster and in a more rewarding way'! A helpful introduction to the bank's latest digital enticement, to engage customers in online bill payments.

As the email notes, the bank if offering shopping rewards and incentives to customers who perform bill payments in either the bank's desktop or mobile banking channels during any of the three 'phases' of the promotion between now and the end of June 2016.

The email, which was accessed in english via a web browser, also helpfully guides customers on how to make bill payments in the mobile app - with an embedded three-step demonstration - as well as register for the bank's online banking services and activate DBS mBanking if necessary.

In the footer the bank incorporates a security message, and links to bank contact information.

Scroll down to see more, or follow this link to see the original message.

DBS Bill Payment Promo