5th May, 2016

The Co-operative Bank (UK) Engage Customers on New Digital Channels

The Co-operative Bank (UK) has launched a range of new digital banking channels.Coop_2559002b

The updates include new mobile, tablet and desktop web channels, and new (though not radically different) design elements coupled with the increase in functionality.

The initial iSky Research consensus is that the new channels mark a digital step forward for Britain's seventh largest lender, which in the past had endured a number of internet banking technical difficulties, often to the frustration of its customers.

Some of the new features introduced in the channel updates include:

  • A behind the password secure messaging system
  • Increased alerts and notifications
  • Increased transaction search features and date ranges
  • Improved beneficiary management

To mark the launch of the new channels the bank sent customers an email, notifying them of the changes with links to further information and a preview video, which can be viewed below.

The email, a copy of which is below, also engaged customers on the topic of online security - including some helpful tips on how to remain safe online. And as with all official Co-operative Bank email correspondence, it included the added security feature of identifying part of the recipient's postcode in the header.

Not a bank that passes up the opportunity for further engagement, the Co-operative also embedded links to its various social media channels in the email footer - which, appearing on a white background, are very eye catching.

If you'd like to take a closer look at Co-operative Bank's digital channels get in touch with us today, and we'd be happy to assist you.

In the meantime, scroll down to see more.

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