26th Oct, 2016

Capital One Talks Alexa to Customers

B1366_banner-1Unless you've been living under a Fintech rock, you've probably heard by now about Capital One's new Alexa skill - which allows customers to do a range of everyday banking activities using voice commands via the Amazon Echo.

Well, just in case you are a rock dweller, where here to help!

iSky Researchers first got our hands on Capital One's Alexa feature a few months ago and instantly fell in love. The simplicity and range of functions to us were outstanding elements of a great CX, even more so when considering the average click journey of your typical digital banking customer doesn't extend beyond login, check balance (maybe make a transfer or payment) and logout.

For those who haven't yet met Alexa, or had the opportunity to get their hands on an Amazon Echo - the device that is the physical beauty behind Alexa's ever-growing brain - let us point you in the right direction with some help from Capital One themselves.

Last week we received an email from the bank promoting this very technology, and the ever helpful folks at Capital One also included a handy new video to go with it - demonstrating the power of its Alexa skill. So, check out the screenshot of the correspondence below, visit the bank's information page here or watch the video to immerse yourself in the experience.

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Mark lets talk about convenience

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