13th Apr, 2016

Bank of Montreal (CA) Encourage Savings via Email

Bank of Montreal is one of iSky Research's favourite digital banking providers, offering what we believe to be a very good range of digital features and functions to their customers.bmo-financial-group-office

Today, we received an email from the bank encouraging us to consider setting up a savings account with BMO, in what our researchers agreed was a well laid out marketing message.

A copy of the email is below, and in it you will note that the message is personalised and may even be targeted at the age bracket of our BMO account holder - suggested by the presence of 'real' customer stories from BMO customers of a similar age.

The links to open now and book an appointment take the recipient to the bank's website, likewise the numerous social media links at the base of the email which take the customer to the BMO social channels.

The only hiccup we noted was that iSky Research already hold a savings account with the bank, linked to our transaction account.

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