15th Feb, 2017

AMP Bank (AU) Promotes New Digital Features

UntitledAMP Bank today wrote to customers to inform them of the benefits of recent changes the bank has made to its digital banking experience.

Focusing on financial management tools and functionality, the bank highlights the fact that it now provides greater functionality around accounts held with other institutions, specifically customers can now see their "AMP and non-AMP balances" and transactions.

The bank goes on to explain that the functionality covers products and services from over 200 other financial institutions, and allows customers to break down and view their spending history and trends via an automatic aggregator, whilst also providing the ability to manually amend transactions if necessary.

Furthermore, the bank notes that its AMP Money Manager tool gives customers "access to reports and charts that show a simple overview of ... spending, cash flow and transactions at any one time".

Finally, as an incentive to customers to accept the terms and conditions of the new functionality and introduce external financial products and services into the AMP digital channels, the bank is also promoting a 'movie pass' giveaway to customers that sign up before the 28 February deadline.

Readers will find a copy of the bank's correspondence below, and to Cumulus subscribers that might have an interest in seeing more from AMP digital channels please get in touch with us today so we can share further insights with you, at no further cost.

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